Garbage Management - How to manage wastage in the mountains?

Garbage Management During all our trips, we bring back of all trash we generate. This garbage is segregated at the source and recycled as well dispose of accordingly. Did you know how long it takes for these things to bio-degrade? Banana Peel - 3-4 Weeks Paper Bag - 1 Month Cotton Bag - 5 Months Woolen Socks - 1 yr. Wood - 5-10 Yrs. Leather shoe - 40-50 yrs. Tin Can - 50-100 yrs. Aluminum Can - 200-500 yrs. Plastic Bag - 1 Million yrs. Glass Bottle - Unknown Styrofoam Cup - Eternity

Responsible Travel - Adventure in Himalayas

Responsible Travel When we go on a holiday to Explore new Rivers, new treks, to relax, to Cycle remoter and exotic places and to learn about different cultures. Most of the time, we are unaware that the holiday choices we are making can have an impact on our destination and on the people that live there. As an outdoor lover, our goal needs to respect the mountains, rivers and environment around them. Here are some of the things we can do to help make travel a Responsible activity. Read more "Become a Responsible Traveller for caring the nature and its components"